Market Hours: Every Wednesday 5PM - 9PM & Sunday 10AM - 3PM



The Market @ Town's End is an experience unlike any other in our High Desert region. With a commitment to serve the local community we are curating a wonderfully crafted artisan square. Not only will we feature top notch crafts and goods, we will also be host to musical entertainment of all genres in order to create the perfect ambiance.

What makes us unique and different:

  • Dedicated market space: not a converted parking lot or blocked off street
  • Dedicated parking: no need to worry about finding a spot or getting a ticket at our market!
  • Custom made pre installed market booths: easy set up and tear down for vendors, more time dedicated to selling!
  • Fully fenced, secure event center unlike most markets
  • Booths equipped with electricity and lighting: no need for noisy generators
  • Dedicated facilities for your customers not shared with other businesses: restrooms, dining and seating areas not in competition with other events or business activities
  • High visibility: located on frontage road of major state highway with easy access from local mountains, low desert, and high desert areas.
  • Advertising and Marketing opportunities through Town's End
  • Permanent vendor spots available
  • Vendor meetings, workshops and appreciation nights
  • On site vendor storage
  • Market Managers are fellow vendors

Below is the layout of the market

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