What Are the Primary Botanicals Used in Making Gin?

Gin has come a long way since it was first invented in the 1600s, and today, there are many types of gin. Let’s go over a few of the primary botanicals, some of the unique flavor profiles these create, and the best ways to use various gins. What Are the Primary Botanicals Used in Making […]

Vodka Liquor vs. Vodka Liqueur: What’s the Difference?

What are vodka liquors? You’ve likely seen both the words liquor and liqueur before, and some people even pronounce them the same way, so it’s not unusual for people to assume they’re referring to the same thing or that the latter is just a fancy or foreign way of spelling the former. There are some […]

Why Is Whisky Distilled?

Distillation is an essential piece to the master craft of making whisky, in which alcohol created during fermentation is separated from undesirable extras by an experienced stillhouse. This artistic composition then goes on to become concentrated liquid, which matures into the symphony of notes which comprise the sensational taste of whisky that we know and […]

Where Did Gin Originally Come From?

Gin is a drink that’s been gaining more attention in recent years. Since its conception back in the eleventh century, when it was revered for its medicinal properties, gin has been a unique and versatile drink that has something for everyone to appreciate. From its initial boom in popularity in England back in the 17th […]