Why Is Whisky Distilled?

Distillation is an essential piece to the master craft of making whisky, in which alcohol created during fermentation is separated from undesirable extras by an experienced stillhouse. This artistic composition then goes on to become concentrated liquid, which matures into the symphony of notes which comprise the sensational taste of whisky that we know and […]

Should You Use Whiskey or Bourbon for Cocktails?

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There’s a lot of debate over whether to use whiskey or Bourbon for cocktails. Some swear by Bourbon, while others say whiskey is the only way to go. So, what’s the difference? And more importantly, which one should you use in your cocktails? We’ll look at the history of both whiskey and Bourbon and the […]

Where Did Gin Originally Come From?

Gin is a drink that’s been gaining more attention in recent years. Since its conception back in the eleventh century, when it was revered for its medicinal properties, gin has been a unique and versatile drink that has something for everyone to appreciate. From its initial boom in popularity in England back in the 17th […]

Do Vodka, Whiskey, and Gin Have the Same Alcohol Content?

There is nothing better than meeting up with your friends and sitting down with a good drink after a long hard work week. However, you may find yourself wondering whether all drinks have the same alcohol content. If you are curious about vodka alcohol content vs. whiskey, gin, and more, you have come to the […]