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The Market @ TownsEnd is an event that is organized, is part of the greater Town’s End project. The primary purpose and goal of The Market is:

  • To promote the historic Village of Apple Valley as an emerging hub of community activity and business revitalization.
  • To expose community members and visitors to merchandise and services with a focus on locally handcrafted goods.
  • To provide an alternative place to sell goods for local artisans and vendors.
  • To meet a need for obtaining fresh, healthy food in Apple Valley and the surrounding areas.
  • To provide local growers an opportunity to market their produce
  • To provide a gathering place to include purchase retail, food and home goods, and enjoy art and entertainment in a community focused setting.
  • It is our goal to provide and promote a family friendly environment. Our team curates our applications with that in mind regarding our activities, products, and services we approve as vendors.