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Town’s End will meet a need that is currently unmet in the restaurant scene in the Town of Apple Valley: a locally owned place for friends and families to gather and enjoy fresh, made from scratch, farm to table food with healthy menu options.

Many of our menu specialties will incorporate seasonal availability of local produce. From top quality steaks, smoked meats, fresh baked breads and desserts, to savory seafood and vegetarian options, our experienced restaurant team will constantly surprise the community with special exclusive menu items.



Our farm to-table concept meets the needs of customers looking for a home grown, healthier way to eat away from home. The “home away from home” feeling will continue to gratify customers from the couple looking for a delicious cocktail and appetizer during a night out, to the young family looking for good value for their hard earned money. Town’s End will offer something for everyone.

When the entire dining experience begins with exquisite visual artistry and is backed up by quality culinary preparation, the Town’s End dining experience will be a truly desired and memorable one.

TE Executive Chef
Adrian Higueros

Rooted deep in his foundation is selflessness and flexibility reflected in creating an experience obsessed with delivering the most crave able offerings, a true world of wow for our guests. Born and raised in Southern California, Adrian started cooking at the age of 24 in a small kitchen making pizza dough, among other humbling duties. He had the great pleasure of working alongside very dedicated and inspirational chefs. He then moved on to become a corporate trainer, opening over 30 restaurants across the Southwest United States. Adrian joined the TE tribe in May of 2021 and we are honored and blessed to have him!
“Training, consistency, integrity and passion over everything are building blocks for creating a guest first mentality in the kitchen and within the four walls of a restaurant!” -A.H.

TE Bar Manager
Jessica Zamora

Jessica has lived in the High Desert for 31 years and is a graduate of Granite Hills High School. Soon after graduation she found her passion in customer service as a restaurant server, working her way up to bartender, which she has been doing for the past 13 years. Jess has worked for local “mom & pops”, corporate restaurants, as well as fine dining establishments. She has been a longstanding member of this community and a close family friend of Chet’s.
“I’m excited to be a part of this distillery, not only has it expanded my knowledge about how alcohol is made, but it’s also given me an appreciation of the process. The food and drinks that come out of our establishment are amazing and I am enjoying the relationships that have been built and those that will soon form.” -J.Z.