What Sells Best at Farmer’s Markets?

Opening up your own stall at one of your local farmer’s markets is a great way to make some extra money all on your own. But what are some of the best items that you can offer at a market in order to maximize your chance of being successful at making sales? Take a look at the idea we’ve come up with for some inspiration.

What Sells Best at Farmer’s Markets?


Of course, the first thing that people look for at a market is all of the fresh produce they can find. Fresh fruit is sure to be a popular item to offer at your market stall. Some in-demand items that you might consider growing and selling include apples, blueberries, and so much more. Offering a variety will maximize the interest you attract and will also make your stall more vibrantly colorful and eye-catching.


Along with fresh fruit, vegetables are guaranteed to fly off the shelves when you offer them at a farmer’s market. To get the best chance of success, it’s best to offer a wide variety of different goods, from leafy greens like spinach and lettuce to root vegetables like potatoes or carrots. Emphasizing the organic nature of your homegrown vegetables will help customers see the advantage over buying from the produce section at a grocery store.

Fresh Herbs

Along with more substantial fruits and vegetables, offering herbs and spices at your market stall will attract plenty of interest from home cooks of every skill level. Learning how to dry and package herbs to increase their shelf life will help you attract more interest for your products.

Nuts and Seeds

Another popular category of produce, nuts and seeds are a staple of many farmer’s markets. You can sell things like almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, or any other type by themselves, or you can mix them together to create a trail mix blend. You can use a variety of other snacks, herbs, or spices to liven up your trail mix and make it irresistible for customers.


Food that you grow in your garden isn’t the only thing that you can sell at farmer’s markets. If you raise your own chickens, you’re sure to attract interest by offering fresh eggs at your market stall. There aren’t many places that sell local animal products, so you’re sure to attract plenty of interest by offering an item like this.

Milk and Cheese

If you raise cattle, selling the milk you gather from them is one surefire way to draw some business to your market stall. Turning that milk into cheese to sell instead is another idea you might pursue. You can also look into creating dairy-free cheese to sell, which is sure to be popular among the lactose-intolerant or vegan crowd.


Those who raise animals for meat can also find a market for the products they offer at a local market. Chicken, beef, pork, and any number of other proteins will attract plenty of interest from people looking to take something back with them to add to their homecooked meals. Knowing their meat is coming from a local source rather than factory farms that sell their goods at the grocery store will have customers excited to buy from you.


Another animal product that is a certain crowd-pleaser is honey. This sweet stuff goes great on a sandwich, in baking recipes, as a sweetener for drinks, or in a number of other applications. Beekeepers who produce their own honey are sure to find a demand for their product in the crowds at a market. You might also find a demand for pure beeswax or pollen as well.

Canned Goods

With a longer shelf-life than fresh food products, canned goods are a convenient purchase for anybody looking to stock their cupboard for a rainy day. Making your own jam or preserves is one great idea for what to offer at your market stall. You can also can fruits or vegetables in order to offer customers a nutritious meal that will last over a long period of time.

Baked Goods

Just about everybody loves a fresh-baked treat, but not everybody has the time or the knowledge to make their own baked goods in the kitchen. If you have a bit of skill as a baker, consider offering cupcakes, fresh bread, pastries, or other treats at your market stall. The handcrafted touch your baked goods have will make every treat feel special to the person snacking on it.

Made-to-Order Food

People are certain to bring food home with them from their trip to the market, but they’re also certain to get hungry while their out shopping. You can capitalize on this demand by offering made-to-order food at the market that will feed all of the hungry shoppers present. Food that’s handheld and easy to walk around with, such as sandwiches or slices of pizza, are likely to be big sellers for customers making their way from stall to stall.

Specialty Food

Finding your own unique niche is the key to success at a market. Think of a food product that is a popular and that allows for customization, such as infused cooking oils or stuffed peppers. Putting your own spin on these items or, for example, creating your own flavor of dip can create a unique draw for your market stand that will get people talking.

Handmade Crafts

Bringing home something with a personalized, one-of-a-kind look will delight anybody shopping at a market. The handcrafted goods found in market stalls give buyers something a little more special than the mass-produced décor that can be found at big outlet stores. If you’re crafty in any way, from woodworking to crocheting, you can likely find people interested in your crafts at your local market.


Whether they’re scented to bring a beautiful aroma to a home or simply for aesthetic purposes, every home can benefit from having a candle in it. These items are surprisingly easy to make, so anybody with a little crafting know-how can offer this item at their local market. Try coming up with unique scent combinations that will entice customers and give your candles a selling point that others don’t have.

Pet Products

Pets are an important part of many families, so why should our four-legged friends miss out on getting something from the market? If you make your own pet treats, they’re sure to be a hit among shoppers. You can also make accessories, including leashes, toys, collars, or anything else you can dream up to create a handmade gift any pet lover will be excited to have.

Plants and Flowers

If you’ve got a greenhouse or a garden, you’re already well on your way to success at your local market. Anyone with a green thumb or those who are looking to spruce up their home landscaping will be interested in buying a plant to improve the aesthetics of their property. You can also sell seeds or tree saplings to let someone get the rewarding experience of growing their own plant.

Soap or Other Bath Products

Everyone loves to pamper themselves every once in a while, and there aren’t many better additions to a spa day than some homemade soap. Like with candles, creating unique fragrances is one of the best ways to attract interest with a product like this. Along with soap, you can also try making colorful bath bombs that create a whole new way for your customers to indulge and treat themselves.

Pottery and Ceramics

If you’re experienced in working with clay or ceramics, your work is sure to find a market at your local farmer’s market. Try out unique designs and eye-catching color schemes to give your stall more curb appeal that will draw customers in to check out what you’ve got. Whether you’re making art pieces or functional items like bowls or cups, finding your niche will help you get more business at your stall.

Customized Tee Shirts

Walking home with something that they can’t find anywhere else is what every customer at a farmer’s market desires. One great way to give people that custom-made item they’re craving is to design your own tee shirts. Whether you’ve got skill in embroidering or printing graphics onto tee shirts, the personalized gifts you offer will attract plenty of interest at the market.

Seasonal Items

Taking a moment to consider when your goods will be hitting the market allows you to create products that appeal to people based on the time of year. Christmas ornaments will be a big seller in the winter, for example, or you can sell easter baskets when spring comes around. Incorporating seasonal elements into any other product you offer, like Christmas-themed baked goods, is another idea for how to boost interest in your offerings.

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