What Sells Best at Farmer’s Markets?

Opening up your own stall at one of your local farmer’s markets is a great way to make some extra money all on your own. But what are some of the best items that you can offer at a market in order to maximize your chance of being successful at making sales? Take a look […]

How to Choose the Best Vodka for Your Favorite Cocktail

vodka at apple valley cafe

I love a good vodka cocktail, and if you are reading this, chances are that so do you. Vodka-based drinks date as far back as the 9th century. It has been a prevalently loved drink that has also played a part in some of the most tantalizing and perfect-tasting drinks, like cocktails at parties and […]

What Is a Distillery Restaurant?

california distillery and stillhouse

At Town’s End Stillhouse and Grill, we know the value of a good distillery: but what happens when you combine it with a restaurant? The answer is, some pretty great things. Today our team is bringing you some info on these unique restaurants and why they can make such a memorable destination. What Is a […]

What Is a Stillhouse?

california distillery and stillhouse

Seeing where and how alcohol is made is a unique and fascinating experience. If you’ve never been to a Stillhouse before, you should consider taking a day trip in the near future. At the distillery, you can witness the fermentation and distillation process in action, and you can taste the various types of alcohol that […]